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Nassau, the Highest Gem of Bahamas

About Nassau, the paradise Island

Paradise Island is located in Bahamas, commonly known as Hog Island. It is located at the bank of the city of Nassau.  It is well known because of their sprawling resorts which include beaches, pools, water park rides and casinos. This is a land full of treasures. People come to this place in order to relax or get themselves free from all worries and tensions. Let’s discuss about some points of Paradise Island. People around the world love to come and visit this place.

  1. Our history and culture
  2. Weddings
  3. Travel tips
  4. Island Fun facts
  5. Island News

Our History and culture

Apart from British, Spanish and West Africa the wide range of our historical and cultural consequence provides Nassau Paradise Island a spirit all it’s known.


Nassau Paradise Island helps in making your dream day a dream comes true. Weddings and Nassau Paradise Island are considered to be a perfect match made in heaven. In term of weddings, it covers many things such as Wedding Venues, Planning ideas and Legal requirements etc. One can perform their wedding according to their choice. The best part among all is that you can not only enjoy the wedding not just for one day but several days together. The experienced wedding planners help in taking care of all the details and arrangements of the functions. Your task is to just make your time memorable with your loved ones. You can easily get a wedding venue of your choice.

Travel Tips

We provide our customers an A to Z guide. It includes many things like automobile rental, Hotel check-in/ Hotel check-out, climate, language, medical facilities, currency, transportation, facility of telephones, television and internet access, drinking water, time zone, electricity, entry requirements, exit requirements, weddings and holidays. These are some of the travel tips which should be considered and notices. There are some of the basic requirements which everyone considered. Nassau Paradise Island provides all these basic facilities to their customers so that they can make their time enjoyable.

Island Fun facts

Welcome to Bahamas. It is one of the most wonderful places on the earth. You can enjoy the blue water, spend your day with dolphins, you can also enjoy the taste of our national food. This place has also been a popular film destination for decades. Once the Bahamas was a prime pirate hangout. From pirates to flamingos and dolphins, everyone just fall in love with the Nassau Paradise Island. If you didn’t visit the place yet then what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip and make your time memorable for years.

Island News

It’s easy for one to get in here and enjoy a lot. Nassau Paradise Island is considered as one of the most amazing destinations in the world. One can feel free and relax after coming to this place. The place is so calm and clean that when can totally be a part of it and forgets about other things.

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